Holter Monitoring

VESH offers 24-holter monitoring for breeders at a discounted rate. Our goal is to provide affordable holter scanning and interpretation by a board certified cardiologist, so you, the breeder, can use this information to guide your breeding program.

Holters are processed Monday through Thursday. Interpretations can take up to two weeks. Please include the holter diary. The holter diary is used to correlate activity level with heart rates, and heart rhythm. The link for the holter diary is located below.  Please record your dog’s activity during the 24 hour monitoring period.

If you are uploading a holter scan from Alba or another similar service, please be sure you are sending the full disclosure as the cardiologist will review the entire scan, not just the summary report with selected saved strips. The full disclosure (typically 30 or more pages) shows the entire heart rhythm during the 24 holter monitoring period.

If you have questions, please contact the cardiology team at VESH 413-665-4931 or via email cardiology@veshdeerfield.com


Holter Scan & Interpretation: $105
Holter Scan Report: $60

Holter Patient Information (Click to download)

24 Hour Holter Diary (Click to download)